Bayside Stories – Wynnum . Manly . Lota

Everyone loves a good story.  Stories are interesting and engaging.  Stories make us laugh, and smile and sometimes make us cry.  But most of all, stories are fun.

We build relationships through stories.  When we listen to a story, it will often evoke a memory of our own – awaken a story within us that we can share.  Through the sharing of stories we learn more about each other and this way we build connections and friendships with those around us while also developing a greater understanding of who we are ourselves.

The Bayside area is undergoing a huge change at then moment.  We have at least six new apartment buildings going up, our lovely new library, and cafes and wine bars popping up everywhere.  New people are coming to the area.

How can we build connections and friendships between the old and the new?  How can we learn more about each other and let these new residents know what it means to live by the bay?  How can we come together as one united community?

The answer, I believe, is through the sharing of our stories.

Will you share stories with us?  The Story Collecting team is a social group that gets together regularly to discover, record and share the stories of our community.  All ages welcome – no experience necessary – if you’ve always wanted to talk to people but you never quite know how to start, then this is the group for you!

To find out more about The Story Collecting team please email or request to join our Facebook group.

Bayside Stories is a project of the WMHS with generous support from the Brisbane City Council.